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Semantic Context Menus in KDE

TitleSemantic Context Menus in KDE
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsDragan L, Handschuh S
Conference NameProceedings of Akademy 2009, co-located with the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009
Keywords2009 mypub smilegroup semanticdesktop

The Semantic Desktop brings the desktop data to a standardized form, enabling it to be better interlinked and as a result easier to browse and search. It is lifted from application specific formats and locations and made available to all the desktop applications. However, some applications might be better suited to display some resource types than others, or might provide specialized functions. Rather that duplicating those function, tools could just call them from the tool that provides them, if they were made available just like the data, in a standardized form. We propose a way for applications to advertise their functionality in a semantic way.


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